Rupin is associated with RKK since last 45 years. In the earlier 10 years he had performed various Dramas under the banner of RKK. He had till now acted in 13 Full Length plays and 35 One Act Plays.

In 1973 he had performed the Drama namely ‘Ishwar Allah Tero Nam’ in South Gujarat University Youth Festival. And he had been awarded the ‘Best Actor Award’ for his unforgettable Roll of ‘Ishwar’ and he was also awarded the ‘Best Director Award’ for the said drama.

In 1978 he performed the Roll of ‘Dara Shikoi’ in the play namely ‘Rakta Rangi Suryasta’ under the Banner of RKK, in Gujarat State Nutya Natya Academy Competition. He had been Awarded the “Best Actor Award” of the ‘Gujarat State’ for his roll of ‘Dara Shikoi’. He had also performed several dramas in competition of Surat level, State level and that of Dakshin Gujarat Vidyarthi Sangh and won numerous prizes.

During the year 1980 to 1997 he served the RKK as Treasurer and put the organization in very sound financial position. Since 1998 he is serving the RKK in his capacity as General Secretary, which is the key post of the organization. He has carried the RKK to its new heights by various programmers.

The various activities carried out by him as a General Secretary of RKK are as under : 

  1. Poem Writing Competition :

For the first time in the history of Surat, RKK arranged the Poem Writing Competition for students of Primary School, Secondary School and College as well as Teachers and Professors of the city. More than 450 Students. Teachers and Professors participated in the said competition. This is a unique contribution of Rupin in field of Literature.

  1. Sugam Sangeet Spardha :

For the first time a city level competition for “Sugam Sangeet” was arranged by RKK and almost 100 students from school participated. He arranged a Donation for the said competition and now the competition will be arranged in years to come in the name of “Prof. Pradipkumar Dixit Sugam Sangeet Spardha” on yearly basis.

  1. One Act Play Competition For Schools :

The activities of One Act Play is reducing since last 2 decades in Surat and therefore  Rupin has  started  One Act Play  competition  for schools.  The Drama competition is divided into two segments i.e. Primary and Secondary. The city level competition was started in 2017. The competition was sponsored by  “B. D. & Co.” and Distributed Prizes of Rs.50,000 to the Actors, Director etc. This time it is going to be held on 15th February to 18th February, 2018 at Jivan Bharti Rang Bhavan Auditorium.

  1. Rangoli Spardha :

RKK is organizing ‘Rangoli Spardha’ every year during the Diwali. All most 30 Rangoli Artists took part in the said competition every year.

  1. Children Drawing Competition :

Since last 40 years RKK is organizing Drawing Competition for school students. The competition is arranged in Three segments and it take place at ‘Snehmilan Garden’ of Surat Municipal Corporation. Almost 300 students participate in this competition every year.

  1. Music :

RKK arranged various musical programme during the year. Light Vocal Musical Programme and Classical Instrument Musical Programme are being held at RKK Hall namely ‘Vajubhai Tank Bhavan’ for four times during the year. Out motto is to promote Gujarati Literature through music.

  1. Garba :

The team of RKK had a privilege to performed Garba at ‘Durdarshan’. And had obtained various prizes for their “Arvachin and Prachin Garba”.

  1. Sahitya :

RKK is known for its ‘Kavi Sammelan’, ‘Gazal Mehfil’ and ‘Sahitya Gosti’. RKK arranged monthly programme under the banner ‘Vanche Gujarat’ to promote Gujarati and Hindi Literature.

  1. Drama :

RKK performed one full length play every year. We took part in  competition of Surat Municipal Corporation as well as Gujarat State Natya Academy every year.

  1. Awards to Artists :

RKK is giving “Awards in various field of Arts. Kala Marmgna Awards, Sanskar Samvardhak Awards, Drawing Awards, Garba Awards, Acting Awards, Drama Awards, Dance Awards, Music Awards, Back Stage Artist Awards, Best Child Artist Awards, Literature Awards and Photography Awards to artists who have performed exceptionally good in their field of Art. Thus RKK is felicitating the Artist of Caliber and recognized their abilities and talents.

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